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eCall: Multiprotexion was one of the actors of the automatic road warning system experimental phase.

The intelligent eCall service, thanks to the renewal of the agreement between TSP Association (Telematics Service Providers) and Areu (Regional Emergency Emergency Agency), becomes now operational throughout Italy and will serve to reduce road accidents deaths by over 10% per year.

In the event of a claim, thanks to the black boxes, electronic devices with built-in GPS detectors capable of recording the movement dynamics of the vehicle, an alert signal will be immediately sent to the Multiprotexion Operations Center.

This warning generates an immediate action by our Central operators who will be able to locate the vehicle precisely, but also have all the information about vehicle occupants, so that quickly switch the emergency call directly to the nearest emergency service.

As pointed out by the European Commission, the eCall could save up to 2,500 lives every year only in Europe, because it ensures that rescuers can accurately locate the accident and intervene even if the people involved are unable to ask for help.

In short, when technology is good.

“Where the speed of rescue arrival can reduce risks and save lives, the ‘private eCall’ system, which combines IoT with electronic technologies equipped with GPS, has a social impact of enormous importance and places Italy at the forefront of this type of service in the world thanks to the use of telematics technologies applied to vehicles.” Comments Sergio Tusa, President of the TSP Association.

Multiprotexion, associate member of TSP, has always played an important role as a preventive security telematic provider. The exclusive service of Telematic Escort on trucks and vehicles is an integral part of its core business and Identity, which are based on the continuous Research&Development of cutting-edge technological innovations. A constant daily commitment, in order to spread a wider awareness and knowledge of the benefits and advantages of the telematic services, applied to the logistics and transport industry.

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