Multiprotexion implements ACTIVE CCTV SURVEILLANCE solutions that optimise the use of time and resources, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of controls, and hence of the security management system as a whole.

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What is it?

It's a PREVENTIVE solution.

Active surveillance goes beyond a mere recording of events that at most allows to take after-the-fact action.

Active surveillance is a continuous perimeter control system that employs preventive technologies in order to detect people, movement, changes in temperature an other events. Once an event is detected, a notification is immediately sent to our Operational Headquarters.

Operators can thustake immediate remote action and deal with the event even before it unfolds, and they don't need to keep their eyes on the screen at all times;
it is the system itself that alerts them to the pre-event by displaying the images of the relevant cameras.

Virtual Rounds

It has been amply demonstrated that periodical rounds by physical personnel is not only extremely expensive, but also inefficient. Continuous remote monitoring with active cameras replaces this surveillance procedure, incorporating objective and traceable elements that are essential to increase the level of protection of any premises.

Virtual Caretaker

Can the flow of goods and vehicles entering and exiting the storehouses be handled without supervising every single passage, but ensuring complete monitoring and safety anyway? Yes, by choosing solutions that incorporate access barriers, interactive media stations, number-plate reading cameras (OCR), on-board satellite communication equipment and management software. The software, once it has been connected to the company systems, will grant access only to authorised number plates, recording entrance and exit times. An optional interactive station interacts with drivers in several languages, and enables transport documentation to be digitally recorded.

Remote Audio Presence

This feature allows operators to give the impression of on-the-spot presence, routing prowlers even before they can overstep the perimeter of the premises. To use this feature, the surveillance systems should be suplemented with additional microphones and speakers that provide high-quality, long-range audio.

Perimeter Intrusion Prevention

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: once an intrusion has succeeded, damage has already been done. This is why all Multiprotexion surveillance systems incorporate “smart” cameras equipped with advanced video analysis functions such as motion detection, cross line detection, virtual barriers, sound detection and full duplex audio communication.

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