How to promote the strategic role of recovery after covid-19? Can Bus: A small idea to start from.

The latest events have certainly led to a change in the habits of many trucking and logistics business realities, and as has already been widely discussed in the press conference of the Industrial Vehicles Section of UNRAE by President Franco Fenoglio, Bureaucracy, high tax burdens and the cost of labor and consumption remain issues to be decidedly studied for an optimal economic recovery. We at Multiprotexion to the question “How to promote the strategic role in the recovery?”, We answered as follows: with care, security and better management of the company’s logistics system.

We thus imagined that the optimization of consumption could be a fundamentally important element and that with innovative FMS data reading technologies, each company in the transport sector could benefit from a CAN BUS interface, simple and extremely advantageous for fleet management and in fuel economy.

A solution that will bring great satisfaction for those like us who think that the efficiency and quality of a service does not have real repercussions within an economic crisis, but only opportunities to create new visions and projects useful to the business world.

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