Interview to Gianluca Picciarelli Head of Multiprotexion’s Operating Center

Every day in Multiprotexion different working realities coexist to offer a solid and concrete prevention and safety service. Quality and dedication are key words for the management of complex procedures viewed by professionals people of the sector and daily around the clock, 7 days out of 7, they watch and protect vehicles and commercial buildings (and not only) from possible intrusions and attacks by thieves.

The many Multiprotexion’s eyes belong to the “eagles” all certified security guards that scrutinize and work in alarm cases or cryptic situations where professionalism is the winning formula for a careful analysis of the risk related to theft and damages.

We are taking about Operating Center of Multiprotexion always beating heart of a dynamic company monitors more than 17,000 vehicles into the cargo transport and logistics landscape, and today we meet with Gianluca Picciarelli head and supervisor of Operating Center.

Gianluca Picciarelli – Head of Operating Center

How did your Multiprotexion career begin?

12 years ago I arrived at the company and I came from a sector competitor. From the beginning I realized the different approach to Security and the possibility of realizing ideas that until then I thought were not feasible.

Tell us what every day happens into the Operating Center.

You think of a particular work environment, a structure operating 24/7, a story that never ends. The management of alarm signals takes up most of the time. To this must be added all functionality checks that are carried out and the analysis of the problems encountered. Much attention is given to compliance with established KPIs.

What was the most difficult and most satisfying moment in your career?

Difficult moments are mostly the consequence of criminal events. While the analysis of the same and the research for the right solution, represent the satisfactions.

Which are the values for a great security service for you?

The accuracy of information and compliance with well-organized procedures. The whole process must be analyzed before, with no possibility of error. I like thinking about Security as an element where there is a white and a black color. Grey represents the uncertainly that must be diluted to get the two main colors.

How important is timeliness for this job?

Is a basilar and necessary requirement. Some crimes take place in few seconds, our ability lies in preventing them and intervening promptly by exploiting every available technology.

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