Coccaglio, October 20-21, 2018: Multiprotexion, among the top players present at the Matching Franciacorta event of BIM Service, presents its most innovative and challenging project, the PRISMAL.

The PRISMAL Project, funded by the European Fund, is the company’s response to an increasingly demanding market, especially on the security side, which today is experiencing a difficult social situation at European level due to a substantial increase in thefts, which significantly affects the entire transport sector. In this way, the Company has been able to grasp the interest and the need, expressed also by some client companies, to be able to dispose of hyperproductive technological solutions, to prevent this phenomenon.  

The change of paradigm expressed by the Industry 4.0 model and the rapid digital evolution that has invested the transport logistics sector, makes it essential to rethink the competitive factors of the company and a related asset allocation strategy that adapts its investments in innovative solutions with the ‘use of technologies of IoT and Artificial Intelligence‘ – explains Matteo Cavaioni, CEO of Multiprotexion. “The PRISMAL Project makes use of these solutions, an important investment that represents a fundamental strategic turning point for the company, allowing it to strengthen its presence in the market , with undisputed benefits on several levels “.

The Multiprotexion Project, exhibited in a very detailed way within a dense program of interventions, has highlighted to the audience the goals and benefits deriving from them. There are 5 technical objectives (hence the name PRISMAL) that underlie the development of this new telematic platform:

Provide road haulage companies with more and more reliable information on the reliability level of drivers, with the development of an international database of drivers; simplify and optimize the service of company concierge through the innovative remote solution via telematic totem; improve the logistic handling of goods and thus prevent intrusion attempts during vehicle travel, through a mobile interactive video surveillance system (VIM), with IP cameras installed on trailers; increase the protection of goods through electronic telematic locks, electronic locks that can be managed remotely or locally. Extend control of the platform to the entire European territory through the establishment of a SOC network (security operation center).

This of Prismal is a very complex project, a challenge that is demanding all our efforts, but it is also very stimulating, because the objectives it sets for us are important and the benefits will fall on all the client companies that want to dispose” – comments Francesco Dell’Agli, Sales Manager of Multiprotexion – “further evidence of how the company pursues the constant and continuous improvement and increase of security levels, in order to reduce as much as possible the management costs charged to logistics companies”