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Alarm Management
Maximum Security Trips
Cold Chain
International Network


Always-on security

Multidriver management

Anti-robbery and Panic alarms

Engine-lock alarm

Cockpit intrusion alarm

Tailgate intrusion alarm

Semitrailer uncoupling alarm

Jammer attack alarm

Engine blocking and tracking from Headquarters

Tailgate opening target management

Silent cockpit listening

Maximum security activation

On-course and off-course control

Target control

Pause management (with trip in progress)

Driver boarding/alighting management

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PASSIVE SECURITY solutions involve the activation of the Operational Headquarters following a notification from the client..

ACTIVE SECURITY SOLUTIONS are preferable whenever a fast reaction is required to respond to automatic notifications sent by on-board equipment.

Finally, when the goods to be transported are especially valuable, custom PREVENTIVE SECURITY measures, aka MAXIMUM SECURITY, are implemented in order to guarantee business continuity before and after the transport.
Not merely security... Rather, a process of quality management not limited to managing security during the trip, but intended as a process designed to guarantee the highest levels of watchfulness throughout the transport procedure, on the basis of strict requirements that every actor of the supply chain must abide by.
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Cold Chain

Cold Chain Certification

An increasing number of customers require the transport of pharmaceutical and food products to be rigorously checked, since a prolonged variation of the temperature may seriously deteriorate the product, with consequences that may well be dire.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to provide transport companies with a dependable, objective control and monitoring system; but it’s even more important that the system works when no physical access is possible to the on-board thermorecorders or printers.

Multiprotexion’s web-based solutions allow a continuous remote reading of temperatures and the refrigeration unit status, the setting of threshold-triggered alarms, and the analysis of history data in both graphic and tabular form.
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International Network

Goods must be protected throughout the transport chain, with no national border limitations. Multiprotexion is the Italian partner of Securitas, world leader in the security sectorMultiprotexion è partner italiano di Securitas, leader mondiale del settore Security.

Thanks to this network, we are able to offer true international coverage for our services. Our operators receive and verify in real time the alarm signals originating in the vehicles, wherever they might be. A shared platform allows for joint processing of alarm signals coming from the various European operational centres.

Assistance requests from abroad are thus processed fast and efficiently.
Coordinating activities are conducted in the relevant country language.
Goods can travel safely under our constant monitoring in every European road.

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