Multiprotexion presents its remotely piloted aircraft, an APR 700 drone entirely Made in Italy, the first of a state-of-the-art fleet that represents an evolution in the video surveillance system.

The Company, which has invested about 15% of its revenues in R&D in 2018, has never ceased to believe in the new frontiers of development in terms of Security and Prevention.

A product of the latest generation that of Multiprotexion, able to read the clock of a bell tower 4km away, thanks to the use of a payload with a 19X optical zoom combined with a radiometric thermo-camera for night vision.

High technological standards that guarantee efficiency and duration of flight and absolute levels of silence.


After all, it’s no wonder that surveillance drones equipped with a camera will be more and more requested even in non-military areas, such as: aerial photography, agricultural control, traffic, city security, …

Their future use will go beyond what until yesterday was unthinkable. In fact, many aircraft development projects are underway, the same ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) that regulates its use, proposes several: from the urgent transport of goods, especially for medical purposes, to studies and analysis of the territory agricultural, with Precision Farm activities.

But projects overseas are those with the “bigger” expectations. An example of this is the Amazon Prime Air patent: logistics centers for sorting goods, positioned in the various cities, with drones rising in flight for delivery within 30 minutes of order (for further information: amazon prime air).


The most promising sector, however, remains linked to anticrime operations and to security in general, for which these aircraft proved to be the best choice.

Multiprotexion rides the wave and prepares itself to be one of the first video surveillance companies to monitor with its fleet vast areas of territory.

The aircraft can fly over large and extensive controlled areas in BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) remotely, through the Multiprotexion International Operations Center.

Think of the benefits that would be gained from knowing, in real time, the actual infraction area: speed of location and time reduction for the neutralization of the robbery in progress. In the field of Remote Controlled Drones, Multiprotexion is in the process of completing registration with the ENAC Regulations, with the issue of a certificate of experimentation of the Project.