The PRISMAL Project, funded by the European Fund and presented in 2015 by Multiprotexion within the FESR 2015 Asse1 – Research and Innovation of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, is the Company’s response to an increasingly demanding market, especially on the security side, which is going through a difficult social situation at European level due to a substantial increase in thefts (or attempts at theft), which has a significant impact on the entire transport sector.

The Company has thus been able to seize the interest, expressed also by some client companies, to be able to have preventive and predictive solutions to counter this phenomenon and has understood well how the need to implement innovative software solutions that acquire and store a large amount of data (Big Data), is a response to the achievement of ever new and ambitious goals, which the company has always set itself, in order to increase its competitiveness and conquer new markets.

The general objective of this R&D project is the development of a telematic platform characterized by the presence of innovative systems and services to improve and increase the security of goods in transports and logistics.

The technical objectives to be achieved are:

1. to provide transports companies with more and more reliable information to verify the degree of driver reliability through the development of an international driver database;

2. to simplify and optimize the company concierge service through the development of an innovative remote concierge hardware-software solution using a telematic totem that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;

3. improve the logistics handling of goods and, above all, the constant control of any intrusion attempts while the vehicle is running through the implementation of a new mobile video surveillance system consisting of interactive IP cameras installed on the trailers;

4. increase the protection of goods in vehicles through the implementation of a hardware-software system of an electronic lock for opening trailers that can be managed mainly remotely and in cases of need, also locally;

5. extend the control of the various functions of the platform to the entire European territory through the establishment of a network of SOCs [1] interconnected in real time.

[1] A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a center from which services are provided aimed at the security of the company’s information systems (in this case we speak of internal SOC) or external customers; in the latter case, the SOC is used for the provision of Managed Security Services (MSS).


The promotion and dissemination of the innovative aspects of the Project were immediately promoted by the Company, which was able to grasp the various events in the sector as a strategic opportunity to disseminate, and thus make known, the project and the technical objectives that characterize it.
During the last Industry Fair, Transpotec - Logitec, held in Verona on February 20-24, 2019, Multiprotexion exhibited the PRISMAL project in front of a dense audience participating in the Conference "The new Security Frontiers".
The PRISMAL project is active in Italy and already in the operational implementation phase (see telematic lock matix).

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