Through Multiprotexion satellite tracking, every operational centre has under controll at all times the position and status of its fleet, either through our web platform FleetPORTAL or our FleetAPP for Smartphones.

In a single integrated view, operators can monitor at all times the vehicles’ activity status: in motion, stopped with engine turned off, stopped with engine running. The advanced logistics environment also provides information on drivers, driving time and mileage. In addition, by using POIs (Points Of Interest) it is possible to schedule automatic alerts concerning times of departure and arrival, and the duration of stops within a given POI.

The Truck Map provides continuous access to the history of your trucks’ routes. The following can also be visualised: journey time, mileage and average speed; for all vehicles, including those equipped only with analog tachographs, it is possible to generate a report that simulates a digital tachograph printed report. The advanced logistics environment also provides information on fuel consumption.


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