International qualifications and certifications

Advanced protection solutions, certified and recognized throughout Europe, approved by TAPA, VANINI, ISO and Italian Ministry of the Interior. Our services are recommended by some of the most important multinational companies for the storage and the transport of their goods.

UNI 10891:2000

Certified by OdCI institute and compliant with the regulations on surveillance (remote surveillance and CCTV surveillance), the Multiprotexion Monitoring Room employs authorized security guards (GPG) and complies with the Ministerial law n. 269 01/12/2010 of the Ministry of the Interior in terms of technical capacity and quality of services and is certified to the UNI 10891: 2000 standard.

UNI CEI EN 50518:2020

The Multiprotexion Monitoring Room complies with the quality indices of the UNI EN 50518:2020 standard in adapting procedural, structural and control characteristics for the management of monitoring and alarm reception centres.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Multiprotexion S.r.l. has implemented and maintains a quality control system compliant to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the following activities: providing of telematic solutions, services and systems for the control and security of vehicles, assets and facilities, including trade, research and development, implementation of hardware and software, integration, installation and service activities. Monitoring and alarm receiving center services. The Board of Directors has defined a policy for the company’s quality based on objectives that involve the company itself, its suppliers and customer satisfaction, compliant with ISO regulation.


TAPA member since 2011, Multiprotexion was the first Italian security company to be a member. Thanks to this membership Multiprotexion created partnerships with primary customers to jointly develop “custom” security procedures.


Multiprotexion solutions comply with Vanini Scale requirements up to level 6. It sets functionality requirements of satellite anti-theft systems installed on vehicles, monitoring room service protocols, carriers and drivers, as well as periodic checks on the systems functionality and service protocols update.


Companies that use Multiprotexion services can enjoy Industry 4.0 which promotes economic transformation towards a process of technological innovation and environmental sustainability. Companies will be able to recover part of the costs for the implementation and renewal of their technologies.


Since 2005, Multiprotexion holds private police licence no. 6308 A1/UPA according to art. 134 et seq. of the Consolidated Text of Public Security Laws, Royal Decree 18/06/1931, no. 773, authorizing satellite surveillance, anti-robbery and anti-theft services for goods and vehicles operated by commercial transport companies, and CCTV surveillance of public and private facilities.