Today is a special day for the Multiprotexion’s family, that we would like to remember and share with all of you.

In fact, it’s the 29th anniversary of the activity of the company, a very important moment that we celebrate with great emotion.

29 years of goals achieved, choices and sometimes daring changes; 29 years of constant commitment that has allowed us to be pleased. However, we want to consider this anniversary just one step in the long journey we have taken, convinced that there will be others to reach, always with the same enthusiasm and tenacity that have motivated us from the beginning and that have allowed us to get here.

Thanks to those who have chosen us over the years, believing in us and sharing their success with us.

Above all, we want to say thanks to our team and to all those who have contributed to making this possible.

We look to the future with enthusiasm, certain that this anniversary can become a new starting point for a new chapter in our history.

What can we say…“Happy birthday Multiprotexion!”