An innovation branded Multiprotexion is coming: new features related to the tracking services, for a more complete and performing fleet management experience, to be used during the already active free trial period.

Additional contents such as the optimization of itineraries, meaning the chance to obtain not only the route followed by the vehicle based on its released position but a precise overview of the whole way covered, in addition to the detailed maps of North Africa for trucks, added to the European ones already in use.

The new package of features also includes information about the traffic, such as real time data or historical statistics (to be implemented in the next months), as well as a dynamic calculation of the route.

Finally Multiprotexion will enrich its fleet management with additional contents, such as calculation of the motorway tolls and the estimate of consumptions according to certified standards related to the vehicle used, the transported goods and the profile of the inserted route.

Many news for a more complete localization service and consequent savings.