Since few months in all our communications related to the TELEMATIC ESCORT ®, which consists in procedures and innovative systems granting the goods transported by our customers, appears the famous “R”, that symbolizes the “registered trademark”.

The value of symbol ® travels through the long and complex process that leads a company to pass the examination of the in charge authority and obtain the registration certificate vouching for the exclusive ownership of the brand.

From that moment, in fact, the brand in question holds the highest level of legal protection and can no longer be used by anyone else then the owning company.

We decided to undertake this route as we strongly believe in what we do and we are certain that TELEMATIC ESCORT ® is a fundamental asset for Multiprotexion, so important that deserves not only a defence from our side but also from the law, in order to avoid all other inappropriate uses of such a relevant brand.

By registering the brand we want to communicate to our customers and partners the value that TELEMATIC ESCORT ® represents for the company and continuously improve our brand reputation.

A new important step in our distinguishing growth path.