A big news at Multiprotexion is Sos Matix, the latest project by R&D (research and development) department designed for driver and vehicle safety. Small and convenient Sos Matix is a device with a portable anti-panic button able to send an alarm signal directly to the 24/7 Operations Center in cases of need and attack. It is also equipped with location technology that is easily visible by computer and “Web Fleet Portal” software and by smartphone, or tablet, through the “FleetUp” App.

Some of Multiprotexion’s most important international partners have already tested the service in Belgium starting from December 2020.

But let’s see in more detail some of the features related to the Sos Matix device:

  • Real-time device location on the Web Fleet Portal (also on FleetUp for smartphone and tablet)
  • Recevive the signal throughout Europe
  • Under attack send silent allarm to Operation Center 24/7
  • If need coordination with police
  • Confirm emergency pressing and holding for 4 seconds
  • Configured to avoid false allarm
  • Divice size 5,7 x 3,8 x 1,95 cm
  • Batter charger USB